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First Things First with safety

“YSG removes the direct vulnerability of a guard, moving the front-line to a remote, off-site control centre — and not the sort that can be bypassed by James Bond using a paper clip.” – Chris Hart

Trusting your property in the hands of your security company doesn’t always leave you with the peace of mind that it should. Tim Pearman, Managing Director of YSG Security Solutions, has not only invested in supporting safety in South Africa, but has also been a pioneer in the development of the security industry to provide a worry-free solution to the client.

With the implementation of the new Firearms Act, he had the opportunity to provide training to a large armed-response company. This ignited his interest in the security industry.  He cultivated his entrepreneurial spirit and established a successful guarding company, which he operated from 2003 to 2010. He sold his company to a global security company, who introduced him to technology advancements in the industry.

Tim founded YSG in 2016 to provide a security service in South Africa that was affordable, yet which could provide the very latest in security technology. He developed a system that could prevent a crime before it could happen – unlike the traditional reactive systems provided by most guarding companies. A technology-based system has a smaller window for error when compared to the services of a vulnerable human being – who can be intimidated, influenced, and corrupted.  This has often been the case, unfortunately, in South Africa.

The YSG’s solution includes ‘virtual trip wires’ which use predictive artificial intelligence. Analytics are set up in the areas where trespassers can be detected. Machine learning is incorporated to analyse what is happening when sensors are triggered, to define what can be classified as a threat and what is not. Experienced control room operators are alerted if there is an intruder, and they can immediately deploy the best response.

More than 30% of the South African population is unemployed.  This leaves families vulnerable, and it ultimately leads to some people opting for a life of crime merely to survive.

The YSG solution is the perfect response to the need for first rate security and protection. It is customised for each individual client, and the very latest technology is deployed. YSG has a 100% success rate and its organic growth can be attributed to new clients signing up purely on the basis of word-of-mouth.

YSG has ticked all the boxes for providing the top level of security, with a solid track record, innovative people, low risk and cutting-edge technology.   It provides the perfect S12J investment opportunity.

“Anyone who knows my peace-loving, placid nature will be comforted that I am not involved in the security side of this company. What I am involved in is raising investment funds to help grow the firm, both in SA and in the region. (It won’t surprise you that regional expansion is not the current focus; there is no shortage of security challenges within SA’s borders.)” – Chris Hart